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July 14, 2019

Lisa-Marie Mueller's watercolor set, keyboard, ruler, and HTC Vive My exciting announcement this week is that I became a licensed architect in the state of Texas in June. I am also actively pursuing my license in California and am finishing up the work experience requirements to take the California Supplemental Exam. Since I had previously taken 15-20 hours per week studying for the Architectural Registration Exams, I decided that I now have time (and energy) for a new goal. As I was exploring the many hobbies and interests that I can invest my time in, I kept coming back to one I have the most fun with. Programming and technology in architecture have always interested me. I had jumped into Grasshopper with Rhino in 2013 and took my first programming class shortly after. When I started at DAHLIN, a few people were beginning to look into Dynamo, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it! Our Dynamo Team is a group of dedicated, hard-working individuals that are excited to merge programming with our existing workflows to drive efficiency and reduce repetitive tasks. I have loved my time working with this group so far. We have been busy establishing our firm's script library and helping teams with specific problems. The list of "want to do" tasks is always growing and the problems are becoming more complex. I want to improve my programming skills, dive deeper into VR for architecture, and release scripts and custom nodes on a more regular basis. The first step of my next adventure was building a website as a tool to share information with you. My wonderful husband set up the back-end, and I put my graphic design and HTML skills to work. We surprised even ourselves in what we accomplished in two days.

This blog is a forum for sharing things I've learned and am working on. I plan to cover topics like Dynamo scripts, programming in Python and C# for scripts and custom plug-ins, VR, and other related things. I also want to explore how these tools can be used to optimize architecture and construction to be more efficient and environmentally conscious. You will start seeing additional content about scripts I've written, some custom nodes that may be useful, and exciting information on technology and architecture.

The biggest reason I love what I do is the people I get to do it with. At DAHLIN, I primarily work on Civic and Commercial projects. Additionally, I have stayed involved in many of the technology and sustainability initiatives we have. I am on the Revit Implementation Team where we set the standards for the firm, educate staff about and maintain those standards, as well as look ahead to new technology to adopt. My co-workers are incredible, they keep me motivated and are always willing to throw around new ideas to see what will work. I am extremely grateful to be able to let you know that DAHLIN has decided to send my co-worker and me to BILT North America this year. We will be flying to Seatle Wednesday and are ready to absorb all the knowledge and new ideas. I'll touch base next week with some of things I learned. In the meantime, follow me on twitter for real-time updates!