lisa-marie mueller

lisa-marie mueller

The Hub

fostering community connection through art

Thesis Project | Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 | Professor Sandy Stannard
Site: San Francisco, CA


Art has been displayed the same way for many years which creates an endless cycle of limited display space limiting art and vice versa. Additionally, art, though crucial, has stayed elite and unaccessible. Through a main campus in San Francisco, The Hub creates innovative spaces to create and display art. Through public spaces, it also provides a place to connect art to the community.

The primary focus of the project developed into the Lux Gallery. The Lux Gallery is shaped by light and progression. It takes into consideration the light qualities and how these will change throughout the year. In order to keep the central space open, the circulation path remains on the outside, wrapping up the building. The gallery experience is about the journey upward and how one’s perspective changes along the way. The Lux Gallery connects to Patricia’s Green via an underground tunnel and gallery space and it connects to the plaza which has seating and an amphitheater and display space.

The live-work housing along the west of the site provides artist a place to live while participating in the residency. It also has a large workshop space, ticket office, outdoor workspace, roof garden, and rooftop social space.

This project explores how architecture can balance creating an innovative space for artists to respond to without overpowering the work on display. The galleries are dynamic to give artists and patrons a different experience depending on conditions like light and temperature. These conditions break away from the conventional galleries to provide a new experience.