lisa-marie mueller

lisa-marie mueller

Professional Work

2017 - Present


San Lorenzo Community Center | San Lorenzo, CA | Hayward Recreation District

Dahlin Group Architecture and Planning

October 2019 - Present

sketch of the San Lorenzo Community Center The renovation of the San Lorenzo Community Center includes expanding the existing events space to seat 185 people, adding storage throughout the facility, adding restrooms for the Pre-K space and upgrading the interior finishes and exterior cladding. I have been involved in the project from the beginning of conceptual design where we explored three different options with the client. I transitioned to the project manager role during Design Development, coordinating with consultants and the client to keep the project and team on schedule and on budget.

The Community Center was the first project where our team held a virtual finish material presentation due to COVID 19. Generally, the meeting at which we present the interior finishes is very engaging because we bring all the proposed product samples. This time, I focused on rendering the interior rooms with Enscape so that the client could better understand the materials. The digital posters I put together also included finish and lighting information to make it easy to review. Despite the challenges, the format was a success! With finishes approved, I put together drawings for and managed the recent design development deadline and will continue guiding the team during Construction Documentation.

Washington Community Swim Center | Sunnyvale, CA | City of Sunnyvale

Dahlin Group Architecture and Planning

July 2017 - Present

sketch of Washington Community Swim Center I have been working on the Swim Center since it was in Design Development when I first started at Dahlin Group in 2017. Since I have been working on this project the longest, I have transitioned through a number of different roles ranging from drafter to project manager as I developed my skills and expertise. At the beginning, I was supporting the team by drafting the design development documents. During construction documentation, I started taking on larger responsibilities in documenting and detailing the project as well as writing a selection of the project specifications with the supervision and support of the project manager and project architect. During the document review process, I was responsible for coordinating the building and health department reviews including responding to comments and compiling responses from our consultants.

The project has been under construction since December 2019. I have been managing the construction administration (CA) since the beginning of construction by responding to requests for information (RFIs), completing reviews of submittals, and putting together owner requested change orders. I also coordinate with consultants for their RFI and submittal responses. I enjoy managing CA on a project where I was closely involved with the construction documents because you see how the documents you created translate to the field. Since the project is a public bid contract, I have also learned more about public contracts and front-end project specifications. The Swim Center is estimated to complete construction and be operational in time for the summer 2021 swim season.

Multi-Generational Recreation Center Feasibility Study | Tracy, CA | City of Tracy

Dahlin Group Architecture and Planning

March 2018 - December 2018

sketch of Tracy sign In 2018, we completed a Feasibility Study for the City of Tracy to explore the programming for a multi-generational recreation center. I attended and created presentation materials for two different community outreach meetings and three stakeholder meetings. I also collaborated with our planning team to analyze survey data and demographic data. After we completed our research, I wrote, created graphics for, and compiled the report. I then worked with the team on layout options for two different sites and put together the schematic plans for each option.

Concession Stand at Emerald Glen Aquatic Center | Dublin, CA | City of Dublin

Dahlin Group Architecture and Planning

July 2017 - May 2018

sketch of Concession Stand The Concession Stand was the first project that I was involved with from beginning to end. I took on a lot of the responsibility and it was an excellent learning opportunity. I managed communication with the owner, consultants, and the pre-fabricated building manufacturer. I completed the drawings and coordinated the building and health department review process with the supervision of the project manager. I also worked closely with the team on the kitchen equipment selection, layout, and procurement.